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While our Roof Mill will cut any brand of material for you, we currently offer the complete line of Lexcan brand of Thermal PolyOlefin and EPDM membranes and accessories along with PolyIso insulation and EPS insulation pre-sloped packages.


Ask about our Sloped EPS insulation package with the most common slopes used in stock so you don’t have to wait for them on order. Also, if you happen to take too much, you may return it to us at no re-stocking charge for full re-fund. This shall eliminate the large stock piles of excess sloped insulation that plague so many roofing yards and sit for months sometimes years unused.

Yes, we keep pre-stocked common slopes on hand for your convenience and yes, you may return any left over material at no restocking fee. Want to get rid of your left over Pre-sloped packages sitting in your yard? Talk to us.


An innovative Insulation Spray Foam adhesive that is way faster, easier and less expensive than Millenium 2 part adhesive and more convenient than hot asphalt.

The Rocket Adphalt adhesive dispenser spreads the foam as fast as you can run!


Innovative Speedy weld Drains and Vents for TPO Roofs save time and money on detail work. Simply weld in place!

TPO Coated Drains for speedy installation from Menzies Metal Products

Maxflow Retrofit Drain Seal By Lexcor. Faster, easier installation and affordable price.

TPO Coated Vents for quick welding and no details. Saves time and money!


We offer the sale and rental equipment of Leister and BAK robot welders, Hydraulic roof hoists, asphalt kettles and roof cutters as well as the sale of many other kinds of roofing equipment at affordable prices. See complete catalogue of equipment for purchase here:
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