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We are a supply company that is roofer-friendly tailored for roofers, solving problems on the site that saves time and money and increases quality.

Dominion Distribution Ltd. began with the realization that by the deployment of innovative solutions and inventive machinery, we could provide solutions that are cost effective and improve quality. Cutting roofing membranes on site for example is an expensive and labor intensive process that often results in wet, dirty, and inhospitable climates of wind, rain, snow and ice that is not conducive to water-tight integrity.

Factory cut solutions delivered to the roof eliminates labor and reduces cleaning time and the problems of the elements as well as wind driven problems and limited space on some roofs. Thus, our supply and distribution business began with the realization that the material should in fact be cut in a clean shop and be delivered with each load to the roof, not cut on site. Roofers should roof, not process materials on site.

With the purchase of innovative machinery, we now provide Calgary's first Roof Mill. A lumber mill cuts wood for carpenters but who shall provide Milling service for roofers? Dominion Distribution Ltd. aims to be the supplier of choice by being the Roof Mill for roofers first, and secondly to provide timely delivery of roofing materials to the roof on time at an affordable price point.

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